Is Reddit Down?

is Reddit down?  Nowadays Its a big question about the status of  It’s expected that at all may know about Reddit but as a blogger, I should give a little informative description of It is a social news sharing and Web content rating American web. You can also discuss the topic here.

Is Reddit Down

Reddit is a feed of latest breaking news, trending images, trending videos, link sharing, Funny stories sharing and many more. Also, use to create social bookmarking. It created on 23rd June 2005 At United State.  It’s a type of social networking people use to share the content. So read it is a very demanding site. nowadays it goes down so many time. That’s the resion people use to search in Google and other search engines that it Reddit down?

If you are very much curious aboutthis and you want to take a brief knowledge of about Then you can check it on Wikipedia or on Reddit company website

To check the status of and  that is reddit down or not please visit We can expect 99.99% of uptime.  That is good but it is a big demanding site so that it should be 100% uptime. So that people need not ask is Reddit down?

Searches Related to is reddit down :

At the present time, there are thousands of search engine but I will talk about Google search terms. There are so many search keywords related to it. These keyword are as follows: is down or is it just me, service unavailable, outage map, what to do when is down, is it down, mobile not loading, sync down, not found and many more.

As a system of networks, Reddit’s center substance comprises of posts from its clients. Clients can remark on others’ presence to proceed with the discussion. A key component to it is that clients can cast positive or negative votes, called upvotes and downvotes, for each post and remark on the site.

The quantity of upvotes or downvotes decides the posts’ permeability on the site, so the most well-known substance is shown to most people.Users can likewise procure “karma” for their posts and remarks, which mirrors the client’s remaining inside the network and their commitments to it.

How to solve this Down problem :

what to do when reddit is down? if the website is working correctly and you are unable to open that then there may be two main issues.

  1. Browser related issues
  2. DNS related issue

so here is solution for these two problems

Browser related issues :

  1. Enter the website URL in your favorite browser like Chrome, Firefox, internet explorer, etc. Then make a force full refresh of URL by pressing “Ctrl + F5″.
  2. Try to use or
  3. Clear Browser cache or cookies from your web browser.
  4. On run command type cmd then in cmd type temp, %temp%, and prefetch one bye one and then enter. And clear all data available there.

DNS related issue:

A Domain Name System (DNS) permits an IP address (192.168.x.x) to be related to words (*.com) so as to be recollected all the more effectively, similar to a phonebook for sites. This administration is typically given by your ISP.

  1. Use Google DNS preferred DNS server: and Alternate DNS server:
  2. Clear local DNS caching [ Start > Command Prompt > type “ipconfig /flushdns” and hit enter ].

Solutions Related to is reddit down :